Wandering In Faery

Editorial: Wandering In Faery

Lezlie A. Kinyon, Ph.D. Editor. January 23, 2016, Winter Moon. “Things need not have happened to be true. Tales and...

Journal News: Things That Need Speaking To

The Inaugural Lost Chord Awards, January 23, 2016

Patrick McCollum Receives Ralph Bunchie Medal for Peace

Dear Friends: Today I am both honored and humbled to share with you that I have just been informed by...

Theatrical Considerations in Ritual

By Oberon Zell Oberon Zell graced the January 23rd Lost Chord Awards with the evening’s convocation. Herein he speaks to...

Song and Spirit

Song and Spirit

Meditation from keynote speech, Lost Chord Award Banquet, January 23, 2016 Diana L. Paxson Open the eyes of your spirit...

Sharon and Winter

Interview: Sharon Knight & Winter

Winners of the Society for Ritual Arts’ inaugural 2015 Lost Chord Award Interview by Jenna Farr Ludwig, MA I recently met...

Lost Chord Awards

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Between the Worlds, Wisdom from The Coreopsis Artist in Residence

From the Old King to the New King >> 

Introducing: Chip Thomas Artist in Residence for 2016

The Dog Headed Girl , by Ivan Szendro >> 

Journey Forward: Melissa >>

The Legend of Melissa Pinol >>


Characterizing Cameron’s Eywa

Environmentalism as Engaged via Religious Naturalism and Supernatural Interventionism in Avatar Katelynn E. Carver, University of St Andrews Abstract: Media-based...

Speculative Fiction in the Aristotelian Age

  Victoria Nelson’s “Puppets”: Is the Literature of the Imagination the “Repressed Transcendental” or an Act of Rebellion? Lezlie Kinyon,...

The Lyre Through the Ages

The Universal Lyre: three perspectives by Diana Rowan, Ph.D. This article first appeared in The American Harp Journal Vol. 24...

Featured Album: Eivør Pálsdóttir “Bridges”

Read Review by Michael Mullen >> 

Profiles in Art

There’s so much power in acknowledging what is. All of it, so that nothing stays hidden.
2. English Fairy Tales, Steel, Flora Annie Webster, Rackham Arthur, (ill.) London : Macmillan. 2nd ed. 1922. (1927 reprint) copyright notice. Obtained from New York Public Library. The caption refers to a story in the volume, "Mr. and Mrs. Vinegar at home"

Arthur Rackham: Painter of Faerie

Artist’s Profile By Lezlie Kinyon, Ph.D. “I cannot remember the time when I hadn’t a pencil in my hand...

Michael Mullen: A Thousand Strings: Fiddle, Guitar, Voice

Artist Profile Michael Mullen: A Thousand Strings Fiddle, Guitar, Voice: A Trio Of One Interview by Coreopsis Journal staff CJMT: ...

Christina Pateros: Dreaming Grace

Artist’s Profile Interview by Jo Becker Currently she is writing a book (The Amazon and The Vine: My Death in...

Final word – Staff Musings

Farewell Goblin King By Thea Artemis Kinyon Boodhoo (TK)

Dreaming of David Bowie.  “Instead of conforming, instead of letting fear force him into banality, he became David Bowie. A name with a weapon.”

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